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Why do you think Russia is installing fences on the administrative border and how should the Georgian government react?

Thursday, May 30
“I think that Georgian government will not be able to carry out active measures in this regard, as we have already lost the August War in 2008. The Georgian government can just warn the international community and appeal for their help. I consider that through the action Russia tries to isolate so called South Ossetia from Georgia and increase limit between Georgians and the de facto region residents, Russia is trying to strengthen its positions more, I would not asses the action as a provocation.
Irakli, Student of Law, 20

“I think that Russia is interested in the reaction of Europe and the United States on the fact after the new administration has come to power in Georgia. There is no other way but to destroy Roki tunnel and kill the Russians who are on the area… I am joking; I cannot see some other ‘human’ outcome from the situation.”
Shota, Student, 22

“I think that Russia wants something, it is difficult to say what exactly, however, I suppose that it will be known soon."
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Russia has occupied 20% of Georgian territories and I think they enjoy this fact too much. So to me, the fact of “moving” the de facto border is another example and attempt from Russia to irritate the Georgian government and maybe even lead to yet another conflict. This is why I think the Georgian government should be very careful with this issue and avoid making aggressive statements, but rather follow the advice of the international community.”
Elene, Painter, 35

"Russia's aims have not changed during the centuries, they remain imperialist occupants and cannot get with the idea that Soviet Union has crashed. Only option for Georgia is to involve international society in this situation. We cannot afford another war with Russians, this is impossible."
Nina, MA Student, 22

"This is horrible, they will relocate the border for couple hundred meters today, they will continue to do the same and finally Russian soldiers will appear in Tbilisi. The situation seems to be hopeless, International organizations are useless as always, they will once again confirm that they support our territorial integrity and it will be all their action. Georgia is not able to resist Russia independently, we are not powerful enough."
Kote, IT support, 36