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Russian chief sanitary laugh at Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 3
Russian chief sanitary, who claims that he cares about the health condition of his country, is in reality, a puppet in the hands of the Putin administration. Similar to a fool at the King’s courts, he tries to make stupid jokes about Georgians. In reality, he is not a decision-maker at all and does what is ordered. Now, when the general decision from the Russian leadership is taken concerning Georgian wine and mineral waters and the Russian market, Genadi Onishchenko still tries to find something funny. He stated that Georgians are spoiling grapes in their attempt to make wine. He advised Georgians to export grapes presumably with Russians and Russia will make wine from the grapes on their own. He also was very critical with regard to the Georgian mineral water Borjomi, inventing some lame arguments to reject Georgia’s export of mineral waters to Russia. However, Georgians are very much committed to regain the Russian market and it will definitely take place sooner or later.