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Monday, June 3
Russia will not concede - Sergi Kapanadze claims

Former deputy Foreign Minister and one of the founders of the NGO GRASS (Georgia’s Reforms Associates), Sergi Kapanadze, states that one of the major problems of the current leadership of Georgia is that the members of the government have no common views on the vitally important issues.

“I want to remind the current government of Georgia that Russia violated the rules until 2008 and the Georgian Dream coalition should not have the illusion that Russia has changed,” Kapanadze stated, adding that the Russian anti-Georgian actions were not targeted on annihilation of one person or government.

“Russia has its plans in the S. Caucasus and is fighting for that aim,” Kapanadze claims in his interview with Kviris Palitra newspaper.

Kapanadze appealed the current state administration to give up digging into the 2008 August War and look after the state's important issues.

“I think that it is the greatest problem when one member of the government states that the ongojng issues with Russia are alarming and another stresses that there is nothing serious when this situation might be mortal with its meaning,” Kapanadze stated.

He also underscored that unlike the current administration, the United National Movement government was always unanimous over the state's important matters and the statements of state officials never contradicted one another.

“The state interests of Russia and Georgia fundamentally differ from one another, to guess this it is quite enough to look through the history and facts and analyze the events. However, I have the impression that the Georgian Dream government does not worry about the issue too much,” Kapanadze said.

Ministry of Economy warns certain group of people

Rezonansi newspaper wrote regarding the statement of the Ministry of Economy. According to a recent statement made by the ministry, all individuals who illegally took living areas at the state institutions should leave them.

“If the individuals do not obey rules and do not cease their illegal action the government will act in the framework of Georgian law,” the ministry statement reads.

The ministry claims that the illegal actions in this regard have significantly increased and since September tens of state institution buildings have been “occupied” by the individuals in an attempt to use them for living.

“Moreover, they demand installation of gas and electricity inside the buildings.”