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How often do you read books? What do you think about Patriarch Ilia's initiative on declaring Saturday as book day?

Monday, June 3
“I was reading too much. Unfortunately, reading in the wrong position and insufficient light had a bad effect on my eyesight and currently it is difficult for me to read in the evening hours when I have a little free time. I mean fiction, in general I have to read much at work… it is a good initiative, nothing will change books, as they are only means to develop our concepts and encourage us to think and analyze. It will be welcomed if Georgia's young generation takes the patriarch’s appeal into consideration. It has been revealed that Georgia takes final position in regard with literacy that is really regrettable.”
Gvantsa, language specialist, 26

“Reading books is important for all individuals, no matter how old they are. As much, reading is assisted and promoted in young generation, as developed generation we will have… I will try to take the appeal into consideration and often read out of class literature.”
Tekla, Entrant, 16

“Well, I read books often and consider that Georgians should follow the initiative delivered by the patriarch.”
Ani, Employed, 25

“I read a book nearly every day. I love spending my evenings reading. The initiative has to be welcomed; any initiative that promotes the popularization of books and reading should be welcomed by everyone.”
Lasha, Sales manager, 29

“Regrettably I do not have much time for books now, as I’m a working mom of two, but I’ve always loved reading. I agree with the initiative of the Patriarch, as I can realize how important books are for the development of our youth and their intelligence.”
Lela, doctor, 39

“I love reading, but recently I prefer to read electronic books in Kindle. This is the most convenient way for me, as I can carry many books with me.”
Sandro, student, 20