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Some problems of Georgian army

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, June 4
The Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008 resulted in serious losses for Georgia, including the loss of 20% of its territories and several hundred deaths, including civilians. Georgia’s economy was damaged, and IDPs create extra problems for the country. The Georgian army also lost weaponry and various pieces of equipment, including tanks. However, it should be mentioned that after 2008 War with Russia, Georgia has managed to buy some new weapons, including tanks and missiles. This way or another, the country is still in need of improving and modernizing its military capacity. Apart from participating in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, the Georgian army needs regular training, which has been ensured by American instructors. Military analysts consider Georgia to be at the bottom of the list among the Caucasus countries with the number, quality and efficiency of its military capacity. Georgia has big gaps in the air defense system and a limited number of combat aircraft. So the current Georgian government faces many serious problems with regard to defense.