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Tuesday, June 4
Ryszard Czarnecki is interested in Georgia’s position over Russia

Netgazeti reports that Ryszard Czarnecki, a member of the European Parliament, said the special delegation of the European Parliament will listen to the various positions over the situation in Georgia. The delegation met with the non-governmental sector. Before the meeting, Executive Director of Transparency-International Georgia, Eka Gigauri, said the previous day they had visited the villages across the occupation line, talked to the local residents and found out that the situation is really alarming.

“We want to express our support towards them and share their position with the EP MPs, whose opinion over this issue will be very important,” Gigauri said. She said another important issue of the discussion would be the protection of personal information. “It is important for us to engage members of the European Parliament in this process,” Gigauri stated.

Czarnecki, a Polish MP who represents European conservatives and reformist groups, said Georgia is an important country. Stressing that the delegation will discuss all the important issues with the President and Prime Minister, he said that first of all, they want to know the official position of Tbilisi over Russia together with the other issues which are important for Europe.

Coalition for Independent Life organizes training for people with disabilities

Liberali reports that Didube Plaza Hotel hosted a five-day training for youth with disabilities from Adjara, Guria, Imereti and Samegrelo, sharing the most important skills with twelve of its participants, including project writing and management – the skills necessary for encouraging and stimulating others living in the regions, as well as for raising public awareness over the rights and interests of the people with disabilities.

Participants are actively engaged in the training process and have established a network for experience-sharing and team work.

“I received more knowledge and experience during the training about the needs and problems of people with disabilities, as well as information on how to start protecting our interests,” one of the trainees, Ramin Matcharashvili, said, anxious to return to Batumi and share the knowledge with his friends. “I will assure them why they should not stay at home and struggle for their own rights,” he said, stressing that such trainings would make social integration faster.

The Coalition for Independent Life has been carrying out the training in the frames of the USAID sponsored Disability Advocacy Project.