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Do you think the natural resources are protected well in Georgia?

Tuesday, June 4
“This is one of the most sensitive issues in Georgia. Natural resources are neither protected nor adequately unitized in Georgia. In general, natural resources are being commercially used and this has resulted in chopped forests and a damaged eco-climate.
Irakli, law student, 19

“No one cares about nature in Georgia. Everyone uses natural resources in the country as they see fit. We have seen the same situation in this regard for years already and nothing has changed recently.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I do not think that natural resources are appropriately utilized in Georgia.”
Ketevan, Teacher, 24

“Georgia is rich with natural resources, but unfortunately neither the state nor ordinary people do anything to take care about its waters, woods, animals, etc.”
Irakli, Football Player, 18

“The government and the minster of natural resources have done a lot of work on this during the last period. Currently, the resources are much more protected than before – during the United National Movement’s governance and moreover some resources have been returned from the Ministry of Energy to the Ministry of Environment Protection.”
Nini, Manager, 31

"Georgia's natural resources are not protected at all. I often go hiking in mountains and I have seen the trees that are being cut. This field was particularly corruptive in recent years, but I do not know what the situation is like nowadays, as Georgia has a new government, but as a matter of a fact, there is no good policy in place in terms of the protection of natural resources.”
Teo, Producer, 26

"Of course they are not protected. No one takes care of our nature. It is obvious that the country is rich with natural resources and we have to be wise with using and protecting them."
Helen, general manager, 35

"I have never heard anything about our natural resources. I have a feeling that no one even remembers about it. We neither use the resources, nor protect them."
Beso, IT support 23