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TBC Bank provides international partners a taste of Georgian culture

Tuesday, June 4
TBC Bank organized a presentation of Georgian contemporary art in Cologne Germany.

Tauch Georgia, a cultural project initiated by TBC Art Gallery, was presented to TBC Bank’s international partners. The presentation was held in the exhibition space of DEG, one of TBC Bank’s shareholders.

The project aimed to provide representatives of foreign financial institutions and the German public in general, a taste of Georgian culture.

In conjunction with this presentation, TBC Bank and DEG embarked on a mutual cultural relationship. This cultural exchange will be continued when DEG visits Georgia. During the visit, DEG will organize a presentation of German culture at TBC Art Gallery in Tbilisi.

During the art presentation, TBC Bank displayed modern art and enamel, together with traditional national attributes, including ethnic Georgian music, Georgian national costumes, Georgian wine from Chateau Mukhrani and special cheese produced at the Poka Monastery.

The DEG exhibition space hosted the work of Georgian artists from the 80s, including the works of Zurab Nizharadze, Mamia Malazonia, Gia Gugushvili, Sandro Dalakishvili, Irakli Sutidze and Nino Pkhaladze. Contemporary artists like Tutu Kiladze and students of the Duseldorph Art Academy– Guram Shavdia and Mariam Odishelidze- were also prominently featured at the exhibition. In addition, enamel pieces crafted by Art Gallery Ornament were also on display.

Invited guests, the top managers at DEG and shareholders from TBC Bank were all in attendance.