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Do you think the Summer Jobs program should continue? Why or why not?

Thursday, June 6
“I do not understand why the students were so keen on participating in this program when hardly anyone was “employed” according to their professions. Is it all about money? Let the government or president provide more educational grants, scholarships and job opportunities in the country so that the youth would not start crying for the one-month programs which give no benefits but a short salary.”
Elene, Interpreter, 25

“I participated in the first program in 2007 or 2008, but it was not called Summer Job at the time, but rather there was only one option – to clean streets of Tbilisi. I really enjoyed this activity especially, as I met a lot of joyful and interesting participants who remained my friends for ages. We then received 120 GEL for 4 days of work, which was quite a good amount in those times, so I have nothing against the summer jobs program and I am all for its continuation.”
Ia, Manager, 27

“There is no sense in spending money on a program than cannot greatly increase your professional skills. For example, if you study law and receive an opportunity to “work” at a construction company what can it give you except from money? I suggest each university should take responsibility for providing or at least trying to provide relevant jobs to their graduates instead of receiving “political scores”.
Dato, Psychologist, 41

“Why not? It should be continued, I support the prolongation of the program.”
Ninuki, Student, 21

“I think that it should not be continued the way it was in the recent years. Within the last years, they used to give just money to students, no one actually worked. I think that the new government should make significant changes in this program.”
Tako, Translator, 24

“Summer job was purely a political program. I think that the program should be stopped and that money which was allocated for the program should be spent more reasonably. There are lots of problems inside the country, especially social ones and giving the right direction to the money would not be difficult.”
Levan, Student, 22

"Well, if the government can afford to finance the program why not, it should continue."
Natia, Translator, 39

“Yes, I think it is very productive for students, for their experience and practice, especially for those who will work by their profession, also, in addition students will earn some money, for summer holidays.”
Tamta, Journalist, 23