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Georgia and Microsoft sign a cooperation memorandum on cyber security

Friday, June 7
On Wednesday, the Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and Microsoft signed a memorandum in Tbilisi that allows for cooperation in the field of cyber security.

According to the document, Microsoft will, as far as is possible, assist the agency in dealing with breaches of cyber security and in particular will help the agency deal quickly with the detection, analysis and prevention of such breaches

"For us it is important that one of the largest companies in the world in the field of information technology is ready to cooperate with the data exchange agency in the detection, analysis and prevention of breaches of cyber security and other such incidents. is the main organisation which deals with breaches of cyber security. Cooperation with such a powerful partner helps to improve the security of cyberspace in Georgia," the chairman of the agency, Irakli Gvenetadze said.

Microsoft, as one of the largest IT-companies in the world, often has to deal with lots of breaches of cyber security, which are directed against its internal network, general manager of Microsoft, Georgia Davit Asatiani said.

"Therefore, the company has extensive experience in the detection and eradication of breaches of cyber security. Microsoft shares this experience for free with its users so they can better address the problems caused by such incidents. We are pleased to assist the data exchange agency which will allow the government to better cope with potential cyber-attacks," Asatiani said. (Trend)