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Should the video materials, reflecting the private life of individuals be destroyed or not? Why?

Friday, June 7
“I think that the pieces of video footage should be destroyed as they might be used against the individuals. There are statements that the materials will be stored in a secure place, however, the place might be broken into and the materials might be taken… while the materials exist there is a threat that they could be used.”
Lasha, Journalist, 50

“They should not be destroyed. Each states security is based on their intelligence service. The intelligence service uses materials that are gathered through surveillance and so on. I think that the materials are important and they should be used during the investigation process. I see that civil society demands destroying the materials, I think that civil society should not get involved in such issues
Alika, Engineer, 41

"Of course, the material should be destroyed, no one has the right to violate citizen's rights."
Alexander, financial analyst, 27

“No, it is an encroachment on personal life which is unacceptable!”
Nini, MA Student, 25

"The UNM used the footage as blackmail material, this is wrong and is simply a crime. All available video materials reflecting the private life of individuals should be destroyed immediately. It is important that citizens feel secure about their privacy of their life."
Nicka, LLM student, 24

“I think all the material should only be destroyed after the people responsible for making the footage are tried in court. Of course, some of them may contain information which is dangerous for former or current state officials but reveal their “real faces.” Thus I think this issue will be discussed again and again among the law enforcement bodies, court and analysts. I hope we will have no such secret materials in the future but those who created the tapes need to be investigated to restore justice.”
Maia, Teacher, 38