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Do you think Georgia should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan? Why or why not?

Monday, June 10
“Yes, they should withdraw because they are fighting for nothing!”
Salome, MA Student, 24

“I absolutely understand the goodwill of our former and current government in their contribution to the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan under the umbrella of NATO, but as an ordinary Georgian I wish our young men would live, work and die in their homeland! I express my deep condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers, but unfortunately none of us can give them relief.”
Tamara, Psychologist, 37

“I would have been great if we could, but we need to join NATO, in order to do so we have to participate in their missions. It is of course very sad when our men are dying far away from home.”
Megi, accountant, 34

“I want Georgian troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan. Of course I understand that it will take time, and similar decisions cannot be made and executed within days, but our government has to start the process. Our soldiers should not be dying in foreign wars.”
Givi, bus driver, 49

“I’m confused about the issue. I can understand that we need to participate in NATO missions in order for us to join the alliance, but I’m becoming skeptical about our prospects. We’ve been waiting for MAP for a long time now. Sometimes I really think it is better to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.”
Nika, financial analyst, 29

“Well, I think that Georgia should not have so many soldiers in Afghanistan. We lose our citizens and the country does not get anything in return. We are promised that Georgia will participate to NATO or Euro structures, but they are only empty promises… I think that everything depends on international politics; otherwise Georgia would have already been a member of NATO. If Georgia does not recall all the soldiers, their number in Afghanistan should be decreased.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Georgian troops must be withdrawn from Afghanistan, Georgian lands are occupied and Georgian soldiers should not fight abroad.”
Goga, Engineer, 42

“I am confused concerning the issue. I cannot give a certain response on the question.”
Alika, Producer, 40

“I think that complete withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan will not be a reasonable decision taking current political reality into account. The military format changes in Afghanistan from 2014 at the same time… It will be better if more efforts are promoted for Georgian soldiers’ security.”
Gera, Journalist, 34