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What do you know about the living conditions of IDPs? And how do you think the state should assist them?

Tuesday, June 11
“I have recently visited Tserovani settlement which is believed to be the best settlement in Georgia for the families displaced after the 2008 August War. It is hard to talk about the condition of IDPs as their living conditions differ. Some of them live in extreme poverty; they live only on 35 GEL state allowance and pension, while others have luxurious cars and even did repair at their houses. The main thing is that IDPs need jobs. Some of them work at the local markets, school or municipality, but what about the rest of them? And this is only about Tserovani… There are around 26 000 IDPs as a result of the August War in 2008 while Georgia had yet another conflict earlier in 1990s…”
Salome, Journalist, 25

“I’m not sure about the living conditions of IDPs, but I think many of them live in terrible conditions, no housing, not water or electricity supplies. The government should be providing them with proper living place and conditions and they also should have a help in finding jobs. ”
Mako, Interpreter, 23

“Of course they have fair demands; IDPs are people who have lost everything in their life and have nowhere to go. The ministry should finally take the responsibility on the living conditions of IDPS and provide these people with housing.”
Zaza, MA Student, 22

“It is a very complicated issue. I am not very well familiar with the living conditions of IDPs; however, I think they do not have the best conditions. Moreover, majority of IDPs can nothing but to cultivate lands, while the areas around their houses at their new settlements are not that large to be enough for production… Thus employment must be their main harmful problem. ”
Marekh, Specialist in Politics, 24

“I think some IDPs have fair demands but some are simply trying to benefit from the government and from their status of an IDP. I believe every case of an IDP should be studied and only after people should be provided with a shelter or a living space.”
Nini, Executive Manager, 29

“Well, I think that there are some cases when some IDPs already have some apartments and they want some others as well, when there are really others who have to live in extremely bad conditions. The state government should work actively in this field, reveal who really requires assistance and help them.”
Imeda, Unemployed, 37