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Scandal over the “Taliban” videos

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, June 12
There is a scandal developing in Georgia, concerning the video clips released via YouTube, just before the suicide attack on a Georgian military base in Afghanistan which resulted in the death of seven Georgian servicemen and numerous injuries.

The two video clips which were allegedly made by the Taliban, show individuals making threats of "Jihad" against Georgians and in particular President Mikheil Saakashvili and the Georgian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. These clips created controversy as many politicians and political analysts doubt that the clips were made by the Taliban. In fact, most analysts suggest that they were probably produced outside Afghanistan, which would include the possibility they were made by Georgians within Georgia itself.

The Georgian Ministry for Interior Affairs promises to” dig deep” and find out who made the video clips.

The analysts suggest they were not made using the usual Taliban techniques. There are many other discrepancies, such as the music contained in the clips, the use of very clear English as well as the statement that Jihad is the prerogative of spiritual leaders only and not of ordinary men.

Most of the analysts believe that the Taliban are not behind this but rather it was done by other forces.

Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili labeled the video clips “fabrications”, whose creators want to discredit Georgia and its President.

Was it a coincidence or something more deliberate that the very next day, a Georgian military base was attacked in Afghanistan by the Taliban? To reach a conclusion is not easy. Some think it was an accident, while others suggest that a clear link exists between the two events. Analysts keep asking why these video clips were made at all. It may have been done to make the Georgian population panic over a possible terrorist attack and thus discredit Georgia’s western oriented foreign relations.

The Russian oriented political forces in Georgia immediately started campaigning against the Georgian military participating in any ISAF mission. They have demanded the withdrawal of Georgian troops from Afghanistan or at the very least a reduction in the number of troops.

Saakashvili was severely criticized because of his controversial appearance at a Georgian military base in Afghanistan on May 26th and, in particular because of some of the statements he made.

The United National Movement (UNM) members point the finger at the ruling power. Saakashvili has organized a Security Council session where the Taliban attack on Georgian servicemen will be discussed together with the issue regarding the video clips.

Saakashvili also asked NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen to assist Georgia with the investigation of the origin of these clips. Saakashvili expressed his confidence that they were prepared in Georgia.

Other analysts and politicians suggest that the creators of the clips could be part of President Saakashvili’s inner circle. Hammad Zaman has already been identified as the person who uploaded the clips on YouTube. There is also the view that they were made in Russia or at least controlled and masterminded by the Russian authorities.

Moscow is interested in the polarization of the situation in Georgia and does a lot in this direction.

There is more to discover here and it appears as though Georgia is facing yet another scandal.