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How should parents bring up their children to ensure a balanced diet and adequate care for their normal development?

Wednesday, June 12
“Well, upbringing is really a very important issue. I think that children should be given more freedom… I would bring up my children with this in mind. They will have their own minds and I won't force them to do what I want.”
Lasha, Musician, 31

“On the one hand I hate when somebody speaks to a 2 year old child as if he were an adult. I also don't like it when they want their child to be perfect. On the other hand, I dislike it when a child is too free. I believe there is no point in speaking with a child about serious issues until he is big enough to understand something… I do not know what kind of mother I would be in the future…”
Natia, Facilitator, 34

“I think breast feeding is the most important thing for the development of children, mother’s milk is the best, followed by natural products.”
Nikusha, Student, 22

“I believe they should have a healthy lifestyle, buy only healthy products, avoid fast food restaurants and make regular visits to doctors.”
Tako, Translator, 24

“Nutrition and a healthy way of life are important and children should be taught about it from early childhood. Food is very important and of course, a balanced diet. My daughter is 6 and she is allowed to have fast food only once in a couple months. Her health is the most important thing to me.”
Sophio, sales manager, 30

“Bringing up a baby is like painting on an empty canvas – what type of colors you use and what shapes you give to your “masterpiece” will depend on how you use your brush. The same thing applies to children. It is almost impossible to fix a mistake on a painting, without leaving marks and the same happens with the feelings and attitudes of a child. This is why very often parents think that with money they can ensure safe development of their kids which is, in general, not true. Unfortunately, very often parents do not know how to properly hold a baby while feeding, when to send them to sleep, how to talk and what story to tell them at night, this all has an effects on the brain of a child without their intention. therefore, it is extremely important to be very precise and accurate with children and not to miss the most important moments in their lives and share their happiness and misery.”
Elene, Psychologist, 37