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Thursday, June 13
Shooting of a film on the life of St Nino underway

Kviris Palitra reports that Giorgi Kereselidze, a citizen of the Georgian Republic, who used to shoot only animated films has taken on “the tough mission” to shoot a film that would compete with international films.

The film which would presumably be called “Nino” and which will describe the life of St Nino will be shot with the blessing of the Georgian Catholicos-Patriarch, Ilia II.

Kekelidze who has been living in the US for 23 years said Ilia II had one request – the lead actress should only perform this role and no other. It is presumed then that the film's producers will not be looking for an actress at all!

After writing the script for a year in the US, Kekelidze came to Georgia and announced that he was casting for the film. “Over 4,000 girls came to casting, but we could not find a Nino,” the director said adding that one of the actresses, Liliko Elbakidze helped him “to discover” Nitsa Kapanadze, who is 16, via Facebook.

Shootings of the film will take place in Cappadocia, Jerusalem, Italy, Armenia and, of course in Georgia. “Now we are moving to the second stage,” Kekelidze said stressing that despite the offers of financial support from abroad, he wants his film to be fully Georgian. “I am not of course against foreign funding but in this case, I want the film to be ours. This is why I am here (in Georgia) trying to contact people who will contribute to the creation of the film,” the director told Kviris Palitra, emphasising that this film would be important for Georgia.

Georgia, 141st position according to the Global Peace Index 2013

Netgazeti reports that according to the annual Global Peace Index published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the world has become a less peaceful place. This year's report reinforces a longer term pattern they have noted ie since 2008 levels of peace have fallen by 5%.

The security in society, the extent of conflict and the degree of militarization have been measured in the countries contained in the survey. The Guardian, which published the report says despite the financial turmoil of recent years, Iceland has topped the list, thanks largely to its political stability, low homicide rate and small prison population. Denmark, New Zealand,

Canada, Japan, Austria and Ireland are all in the top 10, while the US is 88th in the list.

As for Georgia’s neighboring countries: Armenia is 115th, Turkey - 130th, Azerbaijan - 132nd, and Russia – 153rd.

Somalia is last in the list preceded by Afghanistan.

The report also gives data on how many people have died in domestic conflicts in these 158 countries in 2012. Syria has had the largest number of casualties with 72,900 cases of death, Libya – 25,371, and Afghanistan – 5,146.

The figures were determined according to 22 indicators including the level of crime, the number of police officers per 100 000 citizens, the level of organized crime, and other similar indicators.