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What qualifications should the head of a university (rector) have? Is a BA, MA or Ph.D important?

Thursday, June 13
“I think the more qualifications the head of a university has, the better. A Ph.D is certainly obligatory for this position but it is also important to consider the candidates age. I personally disagree with the idea of having 25-year-old professors. How can they manage the highest educational institutions, I wonder?”
Viktoria, Interpreter, 33

“An academic degree is a very important precondition for electing a person to the position of university rector. If they do not have a high-level of education, they will fail in controlling and monitoring the quality of education at the university. Apart from a Master's Degree, good managerial skills are also vital for a university head.”
Marekh, MA Student, 24

“A Master's Degree is nothing; even a Ph.D is just a sheet of a paper. If the person does not have the relevant work experience together with the right educational background, he will not succeed. However, as there is no higher qualification in Georgia than a Ph.D, a university rector should by all means have this qualification. If a person is not a professor, but has experience in teaching, how they can manage an educational institution? I remain very conservative about this issue.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 28

“I think a lot depends on the head of the higher educational institute. He must be very educated, diplomatic, balanced and creative. A Ph.D is the optimal qualification… however, I do not think a degree is the most important qualification. There are some personal and common characteristics that should be taken into account during the selection process.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Well, I think the suggestion that the heads of the higher educational institutions have to have academic degrees is important. If we want to be part of Europe, this initiative makes sense"
Eka, Lawyer, 31