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Tuesday, June 18
30, 000 Georgian citizens with illegal dual citizenship reports that around 30, 000 Georgian citizens carry illegal dual citizenship. According to the information of the Ministry of Justice, the State Service Development Agency working on the improvements of election lists defined that these people have citizenship of other countries apart from Georgian without informing the Georgian government.

According to the official information, the state constitution considers such violations as one of the preconditions for suspending a personís citizenship. Stressing that the government tries to preserve their citizenship and protect the citizensí interests, the agency addressed each and every violator to officially request to receive dual citizenship.

Afterwards, the necessity of dual citizenship will be evaluated and defined, documents will be sent to the Presidentís administration for further consideration and if the latter approves the decision, the person will be granted dual citizenship.

For those who are currently abroad, they can fill out a form online at