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How would you assess activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the Parliamentary Election?

Tuesday, June 18
“I do not want to sound critical, but I do not like the activities of the new Ministry of Internal Affairs at all. I can hardly find any difference between the former and new administration and what I disliked in the United National Movement (UNM) I now dislike in the Georgian Dream administration. I think the MIA needs systemic changes where the presumption of innocence has the highest respect among law enforcements.”
Elene, Interpreter, 26

“The new MIA is better than the previous one, but I think they still have to improve a lot of things to gain public respect. The number one rule is that the police should not be politically biased, which is almost impossible to achieve in our country.”
Nikoloz, Writer, 31

“In my opinion, the main value the MIA has to learn is respect for the fundamental rights protected under the state constitution. It is not a surprise for anyone that people’s rights are the most respected in the legislation of every country. However, politicians use to neglect this fact. Police use selective justice against its own citizens almost everywhere instead of protecting and respecting them.”
Nodar, Archaeologist, 44

“Well, I think that the situation is practically the same as it was during the previous government. The crime rate has not increased; police can protect the security of the citizens. However, I think that the MIA sometimes tries to hide the illegalities committed by the policemen. The former government also did this and we witnessed the murder of several, really nice boys. I hope that the ministry will think on the issue and those policemen that commit crimes will be adequately punished. In case this does not happen, other policemen might think that they will not be punished for wrongdoing and also act like criminals.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I think that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is acting better than in previous years. However, systemic problems are still remaining.
Zviad, Journalist, 27