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Which UNM member would you like to see in the presidential race?

Wednesday, June 19
“I welcome the decision of the United National Movement to hold primaries to select the best candidate. However, I would personally wish to see the former Parliamentary chairman, Davit Bakradze, as the UNM final candidate. To me he always used to be the most balanced and intellectual politician during the UNM governance and I know a lot of people who share the same view.”
Tamara, Teacher, 31

"There's no one in the UNM I would ever support. They have disappointed me many times."
Mako, Interpreter, 24

"I don't think I will vote for UNM candidate in the elections, but probably Davit Bakradze would be the best nominee. He is quite smart and experienced politician."
Helen, Executive Manager, 34

“To be fair I think the presidential candidate of the ruling Georgian Dream coalition, Giorgi Margvelashvili, has no real competitor for the presidential race, but still I feel irritated with his self-confidence and often think that it would be nice if the UNM presidential candidate would succeed. The question is who that “worthy” person can be? I will remain rhetoric because I really do not have any suggestions over that “lucky” person whom the majority of the Georgian population will name.”
Mikhael, Economist, 36

“Well, I think that it has no meaning who might be the UNM presidential candidate as he will fail. I do not think that after what the United National Movement did, who might vote for the party candidate?”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“I would vote for none of the United National Movement candidates.”
Levan, Student, 22

“I am not interested in the candidates of the United National Movement . I am not interested in at all who will be their candidate for the presidential race.”
Lasha, Musician, 30