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Thursday, June 20
UNM received information about the plans of political opponents

Liberali reports that Executive Director of Transparency International Georgia, Eka Gigauri, said that the statements made about the opposition carrying out intensive secret surveillance over them have been proven.

According to Gigauri, 12, 888 recordings and 304 CDs have been found. “The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) should define who was carrying out recordings and in particular, who ordered to punish these people,” Gigauri said, stressing that these secret video materials have revealed that the former ruling United National Movement (UNM) had been receiving information over the plans of their opponents.

Gigauri said in most cases these cameras had been attached to their offices or recorded by agents. A large number of the secret recordings were also found at hotels.

Parents of men detained by occupants ask for help

Netgazeti reports that parents of Temur Gigauri, detained on May 29, are asking for help, According to the press service of the Shida-Kartli governor, Gigauri was detained when he was pasturing sheep in Kvemo Sobisi and he has been imprisoned at Tskhinvali jail for illegally crossing the border since then.

Shida-Kartli governor, Zurab Ckheidze met with the parents of the detainee. Law enforcement bodies, EUMM, and the office of the International Red Cross in Gori have been informed over the issue. The parents also managed to gather 2, 000 Russian Rubles for releasing their son. However, they do not know whom they should give this money to or how to pay.

Ckheidze said that the Georgian side should raise the issue of releasing Gigauri at the upcoming meeting under the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) in Ergneti.

Pressure over the detained employers of the Ministry of Agriculture

Liberali reports that Soso Baratashvili, the lawyer of the recently detained employees of the Ministry of Agriculture, accuses law enforcement bodies of pressure and inhumane treatment and thus addressed the Prosecutor General, Public defender, and human rights protectors.

Baratashvili said the accused were moved to worse conditions, they have health problems and may face a threat to their lives. Familiarizing NGOs with the issue, the lawyer said the court session was postponed from Thursday to August 5 upon the prosecutor’s request.

The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) is engaged in the monitoring process. Head of GYLA, Kakha Kojoridze, met with the accused, Omar Tedoradze, at the preliminary detention cell, whose health is in worse condition. The Head of GYLA shares Baratashvili’s demands and asks law enforcers to take the relevant measures.