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How do you usually spend your weekends?

Monday, June 24
"Well, I read books, I prefer to spend my weekend with friends, we go to Tbilisi Sea, swim, drink beer and speak on various issues."
George, Student, 21

"It depends on various issues. In general I have students on weekends. I try to meet with my friends, to go out of the city or spend my free time with my relatives. I also like walking in the evening."
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

"To tell the truth I do not know beforehand... I would like to sleep till midday and then in the evening I would drink cold beer with my friends."
Gio, Manager, 22

“I work on Saturdays, so Sunday is the only day off I get. I try to go out of the city together with my family. We usually visit my friend’s summer house not far away from Mtskheta.”
Nini, tour agent, 24

“Recently, I’ve been spending my weekends either in Mtatsminda Park or at Lisi Lake. I love the feeling that I spend some time in nature while I‘m still in Tbilisi.”
Levan, marketing director, 41

“Weekend is the only time I can get enough sleep, so I wake up around 11-12, if there is an event or a concert we usually attend it with my friends. If there is nothing else to do I love to visit Mtskheta, as I love the place.”
Nia, MA Student, 22

“As it is summer now and I have a lot of free time I enjoy my week-ends with friends whom I could hardly see during the busy year during my MA course. This evening, we plan to go to Mtatsminda Park and enjoy fresh air.”
Salome, MA Graduate, 23

“Usually I spend my free time with my younger twin-sisters not only on week-ends but during the rest of the week. They are three times younger then me so I have to follow and obey their “orders.” I must confess that their sense of fantasy is huge.”
Natia, Teacher, 26