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If Ivanishvili resigns, what happens next?

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, June 25
The recent statement made by Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili about his leaving the political arena has become the topic of much speculation. Different scenarios are being discussed around this issue. Some think that Ivanishvili will not quit Georgian politics; and some consider it a gamble.

The possibility that Ivanishvili will step down leave after Georgia elects its new president in October of 2013 was published in the Estonian newspaper Postimees, where Ivanishvili was quoted as saying that he would quit Georgian politics just after the presidential elections. The PM also suggested that he already has an idea who will take his place.

Georgian society has responded to this development with some level of anxiety.

Political analyst Gia Nodia, who is the former Minister of Education, labels Ivanishvili’s statement as irresponsible, suggesting that such a statement is destabilizing politics. Nodia also asked whether it means that Ivanishvili wants to leave politics for good or simply govern the country without any formal responsibilities.

Ivanishvili’s above mentioned statement has caused confusion among his Georgian Dream colleagues as well. For instance, MP Giorgi Volski thinks that the Estonian journalist has misinterpreted Ivanishvili’s answer. Volski excludes the possibility that Ivanishvili could have made such a decision.

His colleagues from the coalition want Ivanishvili to stay in politics for a much longer period of time. Almost all of them are unanimous that it is too early for the PM to leave politics and resign. MP Zakaria Kutsnashvili thinks that the country has received a real chance to develop in the right direction, although Georgia is not that there quite yet.

Later commenting over this issue Ivanishvili said after the Presidential Election the situation in the country will be different, as the government will not need his assistance anymore. However, in the case that there is any threat to the country’s development, he will stay. It should be somehow mentioned that the PM’s statements do not obviously contribute to the country’s image.

It is already an unstable situation with regard to investment in the country. Additional uncertainty that might be caused by the PM’s statements has created a feeling of instability and distrust in the country's current situations.