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What do you think about Bidzina Ivanishvili’s possible resignation after the Presidential Election?

Tuesday, June 25
“I do not think Ivanishvili will leave the political arena until the situation in Georgia will be normalized. This, to my mind, will take at least 3 or 4 years which is quite a long period.”
Ana, Housewife, 25

“I welcome PM’s last comment over this issue when he said he will leave his post when it will be advisable and will help the civil sector to become stronger, because I think today this sector is in need of support.”
Shalva, News Producer, 31

“I wish Ivanishvili was not making comments about his future or/and possible plans in public. He is a person who has defined the success of the Georgian Dream coalition at last October’s Parliamentary Election and I think he should care a lot about those people who have voted for his coalition. I remember Ivanishvili saying he would not stay in politics for a long period even from the very beginning. However, people had become irritated with this statement even then. This is why I think it would be better if the PM and any politician will think well before starting to talk about things because the political situation in Georgia is not yet stable and any mistake can cause fatal consequences.”
Ilia, Economist, 29

“I think it is too early to make such a step. The country needs to be strengthened, justice needs to be restored, the level of education – increased and standards of life – improved. Moreover, the country lacks investments and the fact that Ivanishvili, the world one of the billionaire is PM of Georgia is an important precondition for attracting investors. Of course he can later leave politics, but it is too early to make the forecast – people should be confident that they will not be betrayed.”
Mariam, Psychologist, 36

“History is full of unexpectedness. If Ivanishvili will leave politics without leaving influence over the political situation in the country he will be the greatest man; if he will stay – he will be an ordinary politician just like anyone else; while if he will leave but regain control over the political situation in Georgia – we will fall in misery. Because in this case he will be like a dark cardinal who will be officially engaged in public sector, regain his business, and carry out private interests without factually leaving politics.”
Nikoloz, Archaeologist, 28

“Ivanishvili should not resign! It would be a terrible blow for the Georgian society.”
Nini, MA Student, 23