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Do the actions of the new government show signs of selective justice?

Friday, June 28
"What is going on in the country is a restoration of justice. All who committed crimes should be punished. As for selective justice, I can't really say. In general I do not think that there is selective justice in the country at the present moment. There were some question marks regarding Vladimer Bedukadze. I think that some privileges should be given to him but not a complete release from charges."
Lasha, musician, 30

"I do not think the new government is carrying out selective justice against former officials. Former officials committed crimes and violated their duties; this is why they now have to face the consequences of their actions like any ordinary person."
Ia, writer, 34

"I think every person is equal under the law despite their position. However, government officials are protected under special immunity and thus often ignore fundamental rights. They think they can do whatever they want while they have the power, but they somehow forget that when their terms will expire they will lose their immunity and thus face justice."
Merab, translator, 41

"I don't think that there is selective justice in the country. I think that those individuals who are detained committed crimes but there are some others who must also be sent to prison."
Sophio, social-worker, 25

"There is no selective justice in Georgia, if there were selective justice Deputy Interior Minister Khvedelidze would not have been detained several months ago."
Zviad, journalist, 27

"It is time to restore justice in Georgia and this is what the new government is doing. Former officials are lying. They have committed a lot of crimes and now want to escape justice through any means available."
Teona, graduate student, 23