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Where do you like to spend your summer vacation?

Monday, July 1
“I totally love both mountains and seaside. I usually get a 2 week vacation. So first my friends and I go to the mountains camping for a couple days and after we spend about a week in Batumi.”
Nia, credit officer, 27

“I love active vacations. Luckily Georgia is full of places good for camping and hiking. Probably I’ve been in every part of Georgia. This summer I’ll go high in the mountains and will visit Tusheti for several days.”
Maka, branch manager, 30

“Mountains are the best place for me. But I’m not an active person, so I never go hiking up hills. I love to spend a very quiet and relaxed days, my family and I usually spend around 10 days every summer in our friend’s summer house in Racha. ”
Sophie, sales manager, 31

“For a certain period of time, I intend to go in the west of Georgia. I have a house there, my family members and relatives. I will help them and then rest with my friends in the evenings. In August I plan to go to Borjomi, I go there in summer with my friends and have a good time.”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“In general, I prefer to have a rest in a calm environment; I do not have a good time at the seaside. However, this year I am afraid that I will not be able to go somewhere to have a holiday due to my job.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“I like sea very much, however, this year I might go to the village for several days as I will not have a long vacation from my job.”
Manana, Accountant, 43

“I will try to divide my ten-day vacation in two: to visit my grandparents in the mountainous village in Mtiuleti and spend a few active summer days with my best friends at the Black Sea coast. Five days are not much but it is better than nothing.”
Elene, Editor, 27