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High speed and alcohol - main reason for car accidents

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 2
Rezonansi newspaper released data which suggests that high-speeds of driving and alcohol are the most frequent reasons for car accidents. In 2007 there were 4,946 car accidents, which ended with the deaths of 737 people; in 2008 – 6,015 cases ended with the deaths of 867 people; in 2009, 5,482 cases ended with the deaths of 741 people; in 2010, 5,099 cases ended with the deaths of 685; in 2011, 4,486 cases ended with 526 deaths, while in 2012, out of 5,359 car accidents, 605 of them were fatal.

Recently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs installed new speed radar devices in Tbilisi. It also decreased the amount of penalties. The NGO Protecting Drivers’ Rights thinks that the penalties should be higher for undisciplined drivers.