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How often do you visit museums? Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, July 2
“I do not often visit museums currently. I used to visit them in my childhood with more frequency. I consider that all the museums convey very interesting information. I like the ethnographical museum very much, I feel their very comfortable, there are all types of houses and yards typical for different parts of Georgia and when you are there in the capital, you feel as if you are out of the city, in various villages.”
Gvantsa, Translator, 25

“I do not visit very often. When I am on business and have some free time I visit them. “
Zviad, Journalist, 27

“I am interested in Georgian history and everything that I can gain valuable information from. I visit museums as well and try to interest people around me to visit them. Sometimes I go there with my relatives or friends.”
Giorgi, Student, 21

“I try to visit museums at least when they have new collections. Actually it happens very often. My favorite museum is Karvalsa – Museum of History, which always has interesting exhibitions of not only Georgian but worldwide artists.”
Nia, Student, 21

“The last museum I visited was Zurich's Museum of Bones in 2010.”
Nini, Manager, 25

“To be honest I've not visited a museum since childhood. The last time I remember visiting a museum it was at school, when our history teacher took us to the National Museum."
Tatia, 28, housewife

"I do not visit museums frequently, but visited the National Museum last week. I took my 13 year old nephew to see the National Treasury. She was very excited to see all those beautiful pieces."
Nina, accountant, 30

“I always visit museums on the very first day of the presentation, because as a journalist I have to make reports and meet with the organizers and the artists. Tomorrow I plan to visit renovated museum in Svaneti and enjoy my trip out of the capital Tbilisi.”
Giorgi, Journalist, 27