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Business ombudsman on support of medium sized business

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, July 3
It is the universally accepted truth that small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of the country’s economy. In all developed countries medium sized businesses create the greatest number of jobs. Unfortunately this is not the case in Georgia so far. The previous administration did not support the idea and thus did not facilitate due attention to the development of medium sized enterprises. Georgia’s current business ombudsman, Giorgi Gakharia, has recently made a statement concerning the support of small and medium sized businesses in the country. As the first step he named certain control over the import into the country. He highlighted that law quality and cheep products are entering the country through import and it is difficult for local products to compete with these products.

Georgian producers of eggs have been having problems currently. Instead of protecting egg producing business in Georgia, the businessmen engaged in this segment complained that the import of eggs is encouraged by lifting taxes, whereas the local production of eggs is taxed. This will result in killing this segment of agriculture and promote import instead. So the situation is ridiculous– instead of protecting the rights of the local businessmen, the rights of foreign importers are protected.