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Wednesday, July 3
Former UNM members accuse Kutaisi Mayor in cooperation with UNM

Netgazeti reports that the Kutaisi office of the Georgian Patriots’ Alliance consisting of the former United National Movement (UNM) members replied to the accusations of Kutaisi Mayor, Dimitri Kopaliani.

Head of the alliance, Gocha Tevdoradze, claims Kopaliani cooperates with the UNM, thus encouraged the mayor to be more oriented on the welfare of Kutaisi and stop assaulting others.

At a briefing on Tuesday, the Kutaisi Mayor said he did not expect that the situation in his hometown of Kutaisi would be that awful. He said the situation was even better when he left Kutaisi 22 years ago while now there are a lot of “immoral people” in Kutaisi.

“Nothing will improve in Kutaisi until the UNM governs over the town,” he said, referring both to current and former UNM members.

“These are the people who are standing next to me thus hindering me to do anything, threatening me with impeachment, talking about vague agreements, promises, etc,” Kopaliani said.

According to Netgazeti, Georgian Patriots’ Alliance in Kutaisi has the majority of MPs at Kutaisi City Council; however, after the recent Parliamentary Election this party was also joined by the former UNM members. Kopaliani, who previously lived in the US was elected as the Mayor of Kutaisi a couple of weeks ago.