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What do you think about the presidential elections? Have you already decided whom to vote for?

Wednesday, July 3
I guess I'll vote for the opposition candidate, because I want a political reality, in which one party will not be doing anything they want.
Revaz, Bank employee, 23

I will vote for the candidate of the Georgian Dream. Despite the fact my attitudes are not too positive concerning Margvelashvili, I still believe in the coalition and consider that many things might change in the future.
Levan, Student, 22

I have still not decided for whom I will vote for in the presidential race.
Rita, Teacher, 24

I always take part in every election because I think it is the only responsibility towards the country each citizen has. However, I do not yet know whom I will vote for. I must confess I am not very happy with the candidates, but unfortunately this is our political reality and I will have to select the most deserving among the non-deserving ones.
Salome, Translator, 24

I will vote for the Georgian Dream candidate, Giorgi Margvelashvili only because he is the only person who does not have any black lines in his life.
Mamuka, Driver, 47

I will vote of course. This is my right and obligation at the same time. Im a bit confused about the candidates, not sure whom Ill vote for.
Lasha, Accountant, 26

Im really looking forward for the elections. Its really time for Saakashvili to leave the post, hope the future president will do a better job than he did. Ive not decided whom Ill vote for. First I will carefully follow candidates election campaigns to see what they have to offer the society.
Natia, Insurance Agent, 31

Ill vote for Margvelashvili I think, he is an intelligent person and new to politics, hope his ways of ruling will be different from those we have been used to.
Lika, Corporate Legal Adviser, 29