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What do you think about the date for presidential election (October 31, Thursday)?

Thursday, July 4
“It has great importance for me. If the elections are scheduled on working day I will have to miss working hours. It is more convenient for me if the elections are held on weekend.”
Mano, Editor, 28

“It is important for me. If the elections are held in the middle of the week I will not be able to go in my region and vote for a desirable candidate. I live in Tbilisi, work here, but my register place is located in the west Georgia. It requires time and ability to go there.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“I have no problem concerning the issue. My employer is obliged to give me the time for voting through the memorandum signed between us. In case I am late due to the elections he will tell me nothing. On the other hand, as far as I know, the election date will be declared as a day off, thus, I cannot see any problem.”
Artiom, Journalist, 25

“Elections should be on Sunday. Otherwise if it will be scheduled for the working day it should be announced as a day off.”
Marekh, MA Student, 24

“I think that it's ok, I am not against it.”
Diana, PR Manager, 30

“I don’t even think about it. It does not really matter what date the election will take place.”
Zaza, MA student, 23

“It had to be either Saturday or Sunday, People have to go to work and it is very inconvenient when you have to go to a polling station during a week day.”
Megi, accountant, 37

“Saakashvili is acting in a strange way, as always. He could have chosen any day for the elections but he decided it had to be a business day. Of course I preferred the elections to be held on the weekend.”
Nika, Graphic Designer, 28