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Which Georgian traditional food and beverages do you like most? Why?

Monday, July 8
“It is called Dambali Khacho, soaked cottage cheese..."
Irinka, Journalist, 25

“My favorite food is Khinkali, because it is tasty, at the same time I love meat very much. Khinkali is quite an interesting food, because its creation process is difficult. From beverages I love red wine called Aladasturi. I love even its smell; it is the most delicious liquid on the earth. By the way, I have low blood pressure and Aladasturi is like medicine for me.”
Nino, MA Student, 21

"I like them all. Georgian cuisine has to be my favorite and I’m totally in love with Georgian red wine Khvanchkara, to me it is simply perfect.“
Sophio, Sales Manager, 31

“Khinkali is the best food I can have in my life and cheese from the west Georgia. From the beverages I really like the dark beer people make in the mountains“.
Lasha, Accountant, 26

“I like our traditional candies Chucrchkhela and Gozinaki, I think they are unique and have a unique taste.“
Tako, Unemployed, 25

“I love Khachapuri all kinds of Khachapuri, and wine from Kakheti."
Dato, IT Support 25