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Art in Georgia

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, July 11
Interview with a young painter: different vision of art is related to problems in Georgia

Painter, Giorgi Areshidze, 36, believes that in order to develop art in Georgia, an increase in purchasing demand is necessary. He also explains that Georgian artists “have many problems that are reflected in their paintings,” when abroad however, artists “have to invent problems.” The artist points out the very politicized and stressful environment inside the country, explaining that this hastens personal and professional development. However, he strongly believes that while working on a painting, if an artist thinks about a color and a form of the frame, he will certainly manage to sell his painting, but it will leave him hungry...”

What is the main issue that Georgian art lacks currently?

“Agent, that is a very common profession in foreign countries, does not work in Georgia. It is in agents’ interest as well to be in Georgia as they get some shares for their activities. On the other hand, purchasing of art works is also very important. The latter is depended on various factors, economic development and so on.”

What should Georgian painters do to popularize their work?

The greatest means for this is the internet; everything can be done through the internet. I had suggestions through this means and was offered exhibitions abroad through internet communications.

With regard to art, how is Georgia different from foreign countries?

I would say that art is in trouble in the world, as art is waiting for something new, some new change. Practically all that is being created in art currently is repetition or the transformation of the old. Art is in expectation of a new era.

What is an artist’s role? What is reflected in your work?

The artist is a conductor of reality. The reality goes through the artist and is reflected in his work. Symbols are more common in my paintings…part of the meaning of my work should be interpreted by the viewer.

Do you think that communication with other painters is important for achieving common goals? How frequently do you meet with other painters?

A painter is a person of different character and attitude. Very often he is closed and a bit envious. During the working process it might be more important for me to talk with a yard-keeper in the early morning, than with a representative of art. I visit exhibitions and talk with them. However, to sit together and discuss art problems for achieving outcomes does not happen among artists.

Do you think a painter should go to live in different countries? How important is this in the process of development for an artist?

I think that not only painters, but people should travel, it is important for conception. There are people in foreign countries who invest in painters’ travels as the works created after the traveling might be very valuable. As for me, I feel better in Georgia, everything is familiar for me here. However, there are countries, like Scandinavia that are also attractive for me. I think that in the near future I will leave the country for a certain period.

Is it easy for you to sell your painting?

The painting process is the most important for me, it is everything. When I conclude working on a picture and if I sell it, I am calm. I know that my painting is in the hands of that individual who gets pleasure from “my child.”