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Thursday, July 11
Vladimer Bedukadze plans to create organisation to protect the rights of inmates

Liberali website reports that Vladimer Bedukadze (the so-called whistle blower who leaked the prisoner torture videos to the public just prior to the October 2012 elections) plans to appeal against President Mikheil Saakashvili, who claimed Bedukadze has taken money in return for releasing the prisoner torture videos.

Denying the accusations Bedukadze said Saakashvili and his United National Movement (UNM) cannot digest the existence of these videos so far.

Beduakdze said he has appealed against the former inmates who have accused him of participating in torture. He said the appeal against three individuals has been filed in the Prosecutorís Office.

Expressing his gratitude towards the Prosecutorís Office, Bedukadze (who was completely released from his charges upon the Chief Prosecutorís mediation) said none of the witnesses to his case have named him as ďa torturer.Ē

Bedukadze said he did not release the video footage immediately in 2011, because it was connected with the guarantees of his and his friendsí safety.

Meeting with the representatives of various media on Wednesday, Bedukadze said he plans to establish a public monitoring organization which would strictly control law enforcement and protect the rights of inmates.