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What do you think about increasing fines for selling alcohol to the under-aged and for inappropriate action in public places?

Thursday, July 11
“I think it's perfect because under aged people shouldn’t drink alcohol.”
Ani, Lecturer, 25

“I agree, sometimes I can’t sit in the park cause its disgusting to see entangled couples so all the time I have to leave, they just won’t stop and about alcohol.. I like to have fun and drink some vodka or wine but I think its fine too.”
Nino, Student, 19

“Well, I completely agree that alcohol should not be sold on young people. I also agree with a high fine as if the fine is not high in Georgia, no one cares whether he sells alcohol on under-aged or not… as for inappropriate action, as far as I guessed, greater part of public took this fine as a ban on kissing. However, it was defined that the fine in envisaged in extreme situations, like walking undressed and something like this.”
Gvantsa, Translator, 26

“Probably it is correct. I don’t think people underage should be able to buy alcohol in shops.”
Nana, housewife, 55

“I agree with the new law, but it is important to describe what “inappropriate action in public” means, so people know what they can get fined for. “
Lasha, corporate lawyer, 29

“Of course there should be fines for selling alcohol on under-aged and for inappropriate action in public places, but I don’t think it is correct to have fines like 300 or 500 GEL, I think it is too much.”
Mako, interpreter, 23