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Ilia II says no one has the right to sell land

Friday, July 12
Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II met with representatives of the Muslim and Orthodox Christian population in the Samtatskaro region. The locals asked the Patriarch to act as a mediator between them and the government over the issue of returning sold agricultural land to them. “There are 480 communities in the village. Resident of Samtatskaro, Simon Tsintsadze said the previous government sold 280 hectares of our land. “We do not have agricultural land and a pasture in the village, the situation is critical. If the land is not returned, living here becomes senseless,” he said, adding that the village has a lot of social problems. The Patriarch told the locals that the problems will be resolved. “Everything will be all right with God’s help,” Ilia II said stressing that neither a King, nor a President, nor a Patriarch has the right to sell land. “We must all pray and God will help us,” the Patriarch declared. (IPN)