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Do you agree that the Chief Prosecutor should quit? Why?

Friday, July 12
“Archil Kbilashvili should stay for three reasons: firstly, I think he is being used as a scapegoat; secondly, the dismissal of Kbilashvili will cause inter structure confusion, as various projects have already been launched under his leadership; and thirdly, his decision concerning Bedukadze is legal.
Irakli, Law student, 20

“I think that the Chief Prosecutor should leave his position as he released Bedukadze so casually. The Chief Prosecutor should not make such mistakes. I think that members of his own team will not forget this mistake.”
Artiom, Journalist, 26

“I do not agree that Kbilashvili should leave the position of Chief Prosecutor. He is professional and he did not break the law.”
Zviad, reporter , 27

“I believe that the decision regarding Vladimer Bedukadze, was not made by just by one man, it was a group decision and I think Kbilashvili is being made a scapegoat.”
Aluda, Engineer, 40

“I believe Kbialshvili should not leave his position. The reason that that the Prosecutor’s Office is not currently as strong as it should be is because of recent complicated situations within the country. Regarding Bedukadze, I agree with Kbilashvili, because the video footage that was spread in the pre-election period had the greatest influence on the public and encouraged them to vote for a new political idea. If there were no videos, I think we would have the same criminal government which would have continued experimenting on us.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I think that Kbilashvili must leave his position, as there were various controversies in the statements made by him. I also think that Bedukadze is as guilty as others who tortured inmates. The fact that Bedukadze is free is a sign of selective justice.”
Irma, state servant, 42

“Kbilashvili should stay where he is for now. Regarding Bedukadze, Kbilashvili was absolutely right as Bedukadze's action was a great thing. He was the man who made the torture videos public and destroyed the previous regime with a single blow. In any event, if the government starts detaining all individuals who dealt with the investigation, no one will collaborate with such bodies in future.”
Goga, Engineer, 43

I don’t know what to think about this issue. I think Kbilashvili’s has been doing his job properly. If he was wrong regarding Bedukadze’s, than all details should be investigated properly, before Kbilashvili is dismissed. ”
Ninia, project officer, 27