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How active is your everyday life?

Monday, July 15
“Healthy way of life is very important for me. The gym is too expensive here so I work out at home daily. I have my workout routine I follow and never skip rest days also. I pay huge attention to healthy eating also.“
Nino, branch manager, 28

"I wish I was leading a healthy way of life. I have a very tough work routine so usually I have no time for any physical activities. The only thing I do is I always try to have healthy meals during the day."
Vaja, legal adviser, 32

"I think visiting the gym and being physically active has become fashionable recently, which is very good. People need to take care of themselves. I’ve been regularly visiting the gym for 2 years now and feel very happy about the way I look and the way I feel. I’m young and want to keep my youth and health as long as possible.“
Magda, MA student, 24

“My life is very active, I am busy at my job, I have some additional mental activities as well. Unfortunately, I have too little time to entertain and little income, despite the fact I have to work much. The problem is that each employer wants to get maximal from you instead of minimal expense. Unfortunately, the current situation in the state and the attitude that ‘you are lucky that you are employed’ encourages this unfair attitude, if I had as much income as I deserve I would have more time and means for spending time more interestingly.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“My life is very active. I have enough time for work and entertainment at the same time."
Ani, Lecturer, 25

“My life is not active now because, I have not worked since January and I am not satisfied at home doing the same work every day.”
Nino, Unemployed, 24

“Now I have a holiday and I do not think about anything and do not want to change anything at the present moment.”
Ninuki, Student, 22