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White collar crimes in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 22
There has been much speculation about the country’s official position regarding white collar crimes. This is the type of a crime that is well known worldwide and considers using intellectual facilities to commit a crime involving high level officials in various structures in the country. It considers different types of violations without using physical force. So the current Georgian administration has the idea which is shared by the majority of the rest of the countries worldwide that such kind of a crime should be treated in a very attentive way.

Opinions differ in Georgia. Many think if such people are treated differently compared with the rest of the population it would encourage civil servants to commit such crimes and avoid punishment. According to some, there is much temptation in Georgia to commit such crimes and without the according punishment the number of such cases will increase. However, according to another opinion, there should be a difference between the high-ranking officials who have master-minded these crimes and should thus be punished adequately, and those officials, who have committed such crimes under the orders and instructions from the top; while others think separation of such crimes is difficult and would cause mess and chaos in the court system.