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What would you change in Georgia to make it more attractive for tourists?

Monday, July 22
“Well, I think that there are lots of issues that should be regulated Georgia to become more attractive country for tourists. First, it is might be a bit awkward, but there are no normal public toilets in Georgia. There are always talks concerning the issue, however, the matter is still not regulated. More attention is required for a clean environment as well. Not only the government should think about it, but each Georgian should care for the tidiness.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“I think that prices should be reduced. There are too high prices in Georgia and sometimes inadequate service… hotels’ quality are sometimes inappropriate as well. I think that the government should control the price, shop keepers and some others should not raise prices as soon as they see a foreign tourist and the ads should correspond with quality.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“I think that there is need of good guides in Georgia, this point is also very important in tourism industry. Level of services should be increased.”
Gigi, Sales manager, 25

"There still needs to be done a lot in Georgia, but first of all we need more 3-4 star hotels I think, 5 star hotels are extremely expensive and will not attract many tourists for sure."
Lado, bar attendant, 27

"We need cleaner cities, people should stop throwing litter in streets, this is horrible and there should be public toilets and maps in big cities. This is a simple comfort for tourists."
Mako, MA student, 24

"First of all we should take care of our heritage and history monuments we have. There are many places in Georgia which can be very interesting for foreigners, but only few are reconstructed. There are some places that can't even be reached because roads are damaged."
Nino, tour operator, 28