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How adequately do you fulfill your civic duties?

Tuesday, July 23
I think that situation in Georgia is not really enviable in this regard. I think that Georgians need to think more about their own personal responsibilities. There are lots of nice places in Georgia. One goes there to get pleasure from the place and nearby we watch rubbish left by some individuals who had a feast there and left public transport is frequently damaged. Garden benches are damaged and so on. I think that everyone should realize that the area was we live is our face and everyone should care not only about his flat, about each place where he steps.
Temur, Engineer, 29

I always try not to drop something in the street and sometimes I am very angry when I come across that someone does it in front of me, or when I see rubbish where it should not be as for public transport, in major cases I pay, however I have serious protest. Sometimes there is such a horrible situation; transport is so much overcrowded that I have no desire to pay.
Tsitsi, Language Specialist, 25

It is a hard situation in this regard. Despite the fact rubbish is not dropped from the windows as it happened during the former years, no one cares about environment. It is important for major part of public to have tidiness inside their apartments, they do not care about parks, gardens, streets
Gera, Journalist, 37

I do my best to be as good citizen as possible. I always try to be self-disciplined and get a bus ticket even in the cases when I can simply get off and do not pay for the ticket. I think the situation has improved recently and people slowly start to realize that they have some civic duties they have to fulfill.
Giorgi, credit officer 27

I think Im not a perfect citizen, but at least I try to follow some duties I have as a citizen of Georgia. I always get a ticket in a bus and never litter around in streets and etc. I think Ive become a better citizen since my teenage years, as I grew up and acknowledged I have some civic obligations.
Katy, personal assistant, 24