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SOCARís Black Sea Oil Terminal to conduct operations on anti-corrosion protection of berth

Wednesday, July 24
By the order of Kulevi Oil Terminal the Oil & Gas Scientific Research Project Institute of SOCAR implemented technology that provides anti-corrosion protection of berth piling built in 2001-2006. This will ensure the long term and reliable operation of Kulevi Port hydro technical equipment.

Berth piling is a solid sheet pile wall (Larssen sheet piling), formed by steel piles, pile driving or indentation.

The natural processes of corrosion and the microbiologic destruction of structures under the influence of the harsh marine environment stipulated the necessity of conducting this work, the statement said.

After a thorough study of the natural conditions and the aggravating factors that lead to the corrosion of sheet piles, an electric/chemical protection method was selected as the most effective means to protect against marine-based metallic structure corrosion. (Trend)