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Wednesday, July 24
Former political prisoner plans to take part in presidential elections

Netgazeti reports that Levan Chachua, who had been released from prison after the Georgian Dream coalition won the October Parliamentary Elections in 2012, plans to take part in the upcoming presidential elections.

The initiative group has introduced Chachua’s candidacy to the Central Election Commission (CEC). The group consists of the former political prisoners Giorgi Gabedava, Rati Maisuradze and Zviad Bliadze.

Mr. Chachua needs 25,000 signatures in order to register at the CEC and thus participate in the presidential race.

Before his detention, Chachua was a member of the Orthodox Parents’ Union. Considering himself a “religious detainee,” Chachua was taken to prison in 2010 during a clash at Kavkasia TV together with 7 other members of the union and was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment.

According to Chachua, if he becomes the president, he will try to make ties between the church and the state closer. He does not exclude visiting Russia or accepting the Russian delegation in Georgia, because he said he will talk to everyone.

“I will make the decisions according to state interest,” he stated.

Planning to introduce public with his election program in September, Chachua said he is against detentions and repressions.

Explaining the reasons why he has decided to run for president. He said the president should not depend on any political team but rather be 100% free.