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Which places do you frequently visit in Tbilisi? Why (not)?

Wednesday, July 24
I do not visit particular places, but rather walk a lot in the streets of Tbilisi. I just wish the streets were cleaner and safer to walk at the evenings.
Mariam, MA Student, 24

I visit various cafes mainly around my apartment on Pekini Street, as well as the cinemas. I wish to have more recycle bins so that people would stop throwing rubbish on streets once and for all.
Keti, Photographer, 26

Mostly I visit cinemas, theatres and cafes in Tbilisi and I would not change anything there.
Ana, Lecturer, 25

I could not visit all nice places in Tbilisi, unfortunately. I am from the region and I do not know well how to reach nice places. At the same time, my friends or relatives who live in Tbilisi do not have much time. This year I have been on Narikala several times and some other places. I liked the Narikala environment very much I would go there very often with pleasure."
Nana Student, 22

I often visit the zoo. This is the place where my friend and I always feel good. I think that there is a very terrible smell and it is a big problem.
Irakli, Law-student, 20

I work at Abashidze Street thus I mainly visit its vicinity. However, after work I see my friend and take his dog out for a stroll.
Tornike, Manager, 28

I am a frequent visitor of Tabidze Street because I love the bars there and my friends and I are always having fun there.
Diana, PR Manager, 30

It changes with seasons. I mean in winter I mostly go to pubs, in summer I prefer open air, like lakes near Tbilisi or open cafes in the town.
Sophio, Journalist, 25

I love to visit all sorts of cafes and Mtatsminda Park in summer. Id love to see more parks in the city and also more places where people could go for running and working out.
Ninia, Student, 19

I do not go out frequently; I dont think there many interesting places to visit in Tbilisi. It would be better if we had more galleries and parks to visit.
Maia, service agent, 25