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Good harvest of hazelnuts expected

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 26
Hazelnuts are among the most important agricultural products that Georgia exports. In 2012 Georgia exported approximately $15 million worth of hazelnuts. In 2011 Georgia harvested 31,000 tons of hazelnuts; in 2012 almost 25,000. This year experts predict the harvest to reach up to 40,000 tons. Prices fluctuate according to the demands of the world market with Turkey as the major producer.

Analysts say that Georgian hazelnuts are very good quality and are popular on the world market. According to data from 2012 Georgia is the third largest exporter of hazelnuts in the world, with 6% of the total market share, after Turkey (with 74%) and Italy (with 7%). Up to 75% of Georgia's hazelnut harvest is exported to Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries. A certain amount is exported to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq and other Arab countries, as well as China.