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What do you like/ dislike about local/ international musical competitions?

Friday, July 26
"I do not like such competitions because they are politically biased."
Marekh, MA student, 24

"I dislike the fact that the anchors of Georgian musical competition shows shout emotionally all the time. Jury members tend to be very biased as well."
Keti, journalist, 26

"I don't like either national or international musical shows which is why I never watch them."
Mari, manager, 24

"I cannot watch them regularly because I have no time. Our national musical competitions are copies of shows from other countries. At the beginning I didn't like Georgian shows but I think they have improved with time-the talent is getting better. The recent participants on various Georgian musical shows were really great. The negative side of Georgian musical shows is that the winners are not assisted after the show is over, in terms of their careers, etc. Another negative aspect is that the public, rather than the panel of experts, decides the winner. Sometimes people vote on factors other than talent."
Gvantsa, teacher, 25

"I frequently watch them, I always have my favourite singersÖI watch both national and international talent competitions and I think that shows are the best way to discover talented people."
Nana, student, 22

"Iím not sure if we have any local music competitions. As far as I know competitions are usually held in Russia and Ukraine and I don't really follow those. The only competition Iíve ever watched is Jurmala New Wave. I like it, and furthermore our contestants have always been very successful there."
Tata, housewife, 29

"The only local competition I remember was held in Batumi a couple of years ago and it was a total disaster. The level of organization and the contestants were horrible. I believe Georgian companies need more experience in organizing similar competitions."
Mako, interpreter, 22

"International musical competitions are always better organized than their Georgian equivalents. The judges seem to be more professional as well. The major problem isn't talent but organization. Georgians are really good when it comes to music."
Lasha, account manager, 26