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Monday, July 29
Political Council of the Georgian Dream has a new Secretary

Netgazeti reports that Irine Imerlishvili will be the new Secretary of the Political Council of the Georgian Dream coalition instead of Eliso Chapidze. At a special meeting held in Shekvetili, one of the members of the council, Zviad Kvachantiradze, said Chapidze asked the members to discuss the issue of her replacement.

“Eliso Chapidze, who has been the Secretary of the Political Council up until today, addressed us to release her from this burden due to her family conditions; we approved of her demand and elected Irine Imerlishvili, as the new secretary,” Kvachantiradze stated.

The meeting of the council members at Shekvetili lasted for around an hour behind closed doors.

Ivanishvili says he does not personally know Putin

Netgazeti reports that Georgian Prime Minister, Bidizna Ivanishvili, said he does not personally know Russian President Vladimir Putin and has never met him. In an interview with Adjara TV, Ivanishvili said when Putin became president he (Ivanishvili) was already leaving his Russian business.

Ivanishvili said he does not plan to visit Russia in the near future. He said the two leaders do not currently have such relations to schedule bilateral meetings. However, Ivanishvili hoped Georgia and Russia will restore diplomatic relations. “But this should be clear and no questions should remain,” PM stated.