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Do you think the hydro-elector power stations should be built in Georgia? Why (not)?

Monday, July 29
“Well, I do not have much information concerning the issue. There are no assessments over the case…in general electro energy is very important and it will be nice if the country has additional resources in this regard. I think that the nature protectors’ reactions are exaggerated, however, it will be nice if I have some more information.”
Temur, Engineer, 29

“I have no information concerning the issue. I did not even know that the government is planning to build hydro-electro stations…”
Ia, Teacher, 27

“Well, it is a very serious issue; I remember very well that the coalition Georgian Dream promised to suspend the building of the large hydro-electro power stations. However, currently, there are no talks over the issue. I know from specialists that large hydroelectric power stations are dangerous for the regions they are planned to be built in.”
Zaza, journalist, 38

“The hydro-electro power stations should be constructed, but at the places where they will not damage the environment and badly affect the population.”
Keti, MA Student, 26

“Well, it is obvious that we need the hydro-elector power stations, but they should be built wisely with a minimal damage to the environment and the government should think to find alternative power supplies.”
Sandro, BA student, 21

“I think they should immediately stop building those stations in Kazbegi, I was there and saw what is going on, the Tergi River has disappeared, it an absolute disaster, we need to keep our environment, the last projects our government has launched will lead to a catastrophe and needs to be stopped urgently.”
Nino, tour operator, 28