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“Legendary sedan” – 11th generation Toyota Corolla already in Georgia

Tuesday, July 30
Elegant design, the highest degree of comfort, fuel economy, safety and improved features – this is the eleventh generation Toyota Corolla. The new and distinctive features are the reason it is already called a legendary sedan, a title backed by the company’s official statistics of forty million new Corollas sold around the world in June alone.

The model dubbed as the legend is already in Georgia – automotive enthusiast will be able to purchase the car from August 1.

Media representatives were invited to try out the unity of aerodynamics and elegance, high quality interior, improved comfort including for the rear passengers, a large trunk with practical room, and enjoyment without increased fuel consumption that the car offers.

Toyota Corolla’s first generation model was created in 1966. Changes in design and functions of the vehicle are enough for casual viewers to not notice any resemblance. But what unites the first and the latest model is the sales figures – official statistics show the Corolla has been the best selling car for the last forty-seven years.
(Georgian News)